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Edge AI Camera with Pose Estimation


  • Difficulty attracting new gym members with existing exercise programs
  • Slowing revenue growth
  • Expensive personal training sessions that discourage members from purchasing 
  • Helping members achieve better fitness results while reducing injury rates


An intelligent gym solution that integrates edge AI camera and data platform can provide real-time posture correction, automatic state recording, post-workout recommendation and historical record tracking


  • AI-assisted training increased the rate of members achieving muscle gain and fat loss compared to those using non-AI-assisted training
  • It improved fitness instructions and reduced injury
  • in conjunction with personal trainers
  • A low-cost but effective solution for members
  • without personal trainer
  • AI fitness increased membership sign-ups


Established in 2014 in New Taipei City, Fitfun is a gym that promotes exercising and getting fit as a group. Fitfun’s mission is to make exercise fun, safe, and effective for its members.

Fitfun differentiates itself in crowded Taiwan’s fitness center market by providing state-of-the-art equipment, experienced professional trainers, and a variety of classes that support student’s fitness interests and goals. 



Taiwan’s fitness center market is still underdeveloped, with a penetration rate of only 2.5%, compared to an average across Asia of 3.8%. At the same time, the market is competitive, with most of the gyms fighting for the same slice of the market. Consumers interested in fitness have many choices, not only between gyms but also between fitness apps and private fitness trainers. 

For gyms, most revenue comes from personal training sessions and monthly gym fees, both of which are costly for a typical price-sensitive end consumer in Taiwan. In this difficult market situation, gyms still must find ways to differentiate without raising prices or sacrificing quality. 

Two main challenges that the industry is facing right now are difficulty attracting new gym members with existing exercise programs and helping members achieve better fitness results while reducing injury rates. Both can be solved with the help of new technology.



Fitfun partnered with Androvideo to install the Edge AI Camera with Pose Estimation onto the fitness equipment, allowing them to develop an AI-assisted training program. 

The AI Camera works by offering real-time pose detection using just the camera. There is no need to connect the camera to another host or using any other added equipment. This enables real-time interaction with users, monitors exercise conditions and helps correct posture and movement.  

The pose detection model was developed through machine learning, using nearly 20 million photos of people exercising. The AI model includes humanoid detection, skeleton detection, tracker, and other computer vision algorithms.

The Edge AI Camera is also capable of data collection; recording exercise history and data analysis combined with the I-workout app help increase exercise effectiveness. 



Fitfun recruited gym members to test the effectiveness of the new AI training program. The 10-week test included two groups with half using live, personal trainers, and the other half using the new AI-assisted training program.

Members who performed the AI-assisted fitness training saw better results than the live, personal trainer group in reducing fat, gaining muscle, and simultaneously reducing fat and gaining muscle. 



On average AI-assisted training improved muscle gain rate by 20.3%, fat reduction rate by 4.5%, and joint muscle gain/fat reduction rate by 21.8%. When used in conjunction with a personal trainer, AI not only improved exercise effectiveness but also reduced injury rates.

Additionally, for price-sensitive customers who didn’t want to buy personal training sessions, AI-assisted training provided a low-cost but effective fitness solution.  

The functionality of the Edge AI Camera was further increased by using the I-workout app. 

The app can collect and record data that can be easily accessed by members by scanning the code and logging into the account. Personal trainers can use the data to prepare customized training plans tailored specifically for individual members. 

Thanks to the chatbot, members have constant access to the basic information needed to improve their performance; live chat is also available. 

The app also helps members achieve better results by providing real-time guidance based on collected data. After exercising, the app automatically provides suggestions on how to improve workout routines.  

I-workout also helps build a community, making members more engaged, and increasing customer loyalty. Members can easily track personal performance, and the results are easy to understand. Achievements can also be shared on Instagram and Facebook, further increasing members' engagement rates. 

For Fitfun, I-workout increased revenue and decreased costs. The collected data helped personal trainers more precisely market their services, which in turn increased members' trust and marketing exposure. Improved efficiency of personal trainers led to reductions in staff costs. At the same time, I-workout improved service density. 

The app was also beneficial to members. By using I-workout, exercising became not only more efficient but also more fun. Access to exercise data and chatbot increased efficiency and proved to be convenient, while community sharing enhanced fun and engagement.


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