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  • AndroVideo VR 360-degree Camera
  • Smart Camera with AI


  • The most common cameras have a limited field of view, which results in blind spots. 
  • To counter it, the installation of multiple cameras is often needed which leads to an increased number of cameras, causing IP management issues. 
  • Regular cameras can only monitor what’s in front of them, leaving areas behind them unmonitored. 
  • 360°cameras currently available on the market can only operate on short-term batteries. They are not suitable for long-term work.
  • Harsh environments present in construction sites pose a threat to typical cameras without IP67/IK10 rating.
  • Common cameras lack automation and real-time analysis which cannot' prevent accidents in real time.
  • Data analysis is both difficult and time-consuming and requires qualified personnel to view hours of video footage and photos to identify issues.


  • AndroVideo VR 360-degree camera with VMS system and APP support
  • AndroVideo AI and Machine Learning System


  • Eliminate blind spots – one camera with a 360° field of view can monitor the entire area
  • Cost reduction – one camera with 360° field of view eliminates the need for multiple cameras
  • Uninterrupted work – thanks to IP67 & IK10 ratings AndroVideo VR 360-degree camera can work even in harshest environments, monitoring the site 24/7 and 365 days per year
  • Remote & Mobile Monitoring - different protocols like RTSP, RTMP, and RTMPS can be used for a live broadcast. Through the dedicated app the camera can be used remotely, and an addition of UPS enables it to work as a mobile camera and monitor places not covered by other cameras
  • Improve personnel access control - prevent unauthorized access and exit of construction site
  • Reduce theft and vandalism. 
  • Improve safety - safety equipment checks at the construction site entrance and alert to those missing hard hats and safety vests reduce injuries. 
  • Fall detection – AI recognizes worker falls and sends out alarm which reduce response times


Every construction site, large or small, is facing many problems, including accidents that are often fatal. 

One of the roles of a contractor is keeping construction site problems to a minimum. 

Proper monitoring, identification, and correction of problems that arise on construction sites are crucial to prevent accidents and slowdowns. 

Appropriate monitoring is one of the best ways to improve on-site safety, but due to the conditions usually present at construction sites, it can be both challenging and expensive.



Construction sites are one of the most dangerous places for workers and the main industry for fatal injuries. There are several injuries that can occur on the job, including but not limited to: falling from dangerous heights, scaffolding, collapsing trenches, loose debris, crane accidents, and many others. 

These types of accidents are not limited to construction workers only. Pedestrians passing by or other non-construction workers who entered the site are even more in danger of receiving an injury. Every material and equipment that is not correctly monitored can lead to an injury or even death. Because of the number of materials present at the site, it is also important to monitor for theft and misplacement. 

All the mentioned factors make construction sites one of the most difficult places to monitor. To reduce risk of an injury, monitoring all parts of the construction site are necessary. This can be challenging since most common cameras have a limited field of view, which leaves many blind spots. 

To eliminate blind spots, the installation of multiple cameras is often needed. An increased number of cameras, however, can not only cause IP management issues but is also costly and technically difficult. Typical 360°cameras currently available on the market aren’t the answer either since they can only operate on short-term batteries and are not suitable for long-term work. Moreover, harsh environment (dust, dirt, vibrations and rain) that is usually present at construction sites, makes many typical industrial cameras unusable in the long run.

But even a perfectly implemented monitoring system isn’t enough to increase site security. Most cameras lack automation and real-time analysis, which means they can’t prevent accidents and aren’t able to respond to safety issues as they happen.

Camera footage can only by analyzed post-accident and that requires hours of manually reviewing the footage by qualified personnel. It’s both difficult and time consuming to collect and analyze data, which makes improving security harder than it could be. 



Ability fully understood our contractor’s need for construction site monitoring   and provided Ability 360° VR - dual fisheye camera equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 that offers 360° VR panoramic view in 4K. 

With the help of the 360° angle camera, fast processor and unparalleled image quality, the camera is perfect to monitor even the biggest construction sites.  

In contrast to typical industrial cameras, Ability 360° VR camera has no blind spots and can work 24/7 all year round. Due to the IP67- rated enclosure the camera can withstand any weather, dust and other harsh conditions present at construction sites. Additionally, IK10 rating means that the camera is vandal proof. 

Moreover, Ability’s camera utilizes newest technologies like AI and machine learning that enables never seen before features like fall detection and safety equipment check. 




Installation of AndroVideo 360° VR camera has solved most of the challenges the contractor was facing. 

360° field of view eliminated blind spots making sure that the entire construction site was properly monitored. This in turn reduced the amount of accidents present at the site and prevented theft of materials. The ability to work 24/7, 365 days per year ensured that the site was monitored all the time and intelligent IR proved to be useful for night-time monitoring.

As a result of the extremely wide field of view, the number of required cameras was reduced to a minimum, saving not only on additional camera costs but also on installation costs. Like every other construction site, the contractor’s site was a harsh environment for any electronics. Extreme conditions like rain, dust, mud, and vibrations were present. Thanks to IP67 & IK10- rated enclosure the camera withstood not only rain, dust, and mud splashes, but also accidental bumps with equipment present at the site. The contractor was also able to improve safety on the site by utilizing live broadcasting and dedicated app that enabled personnel to monitor 24/7 even when they weren’t present at the site. 

Thanks to machine learning and AI combined with a smart camera features security procedures were improved and automated. Once registered, personnel access control system recognized faces and prevented unauthorized users from entering and exiting the construction site. This in turn lead to a vast reduction of theft and vandalism and increased safety by preventing unauthorized personnel from entering the site. 

Safety was increased even further by automatic equipment checks at the site’s entrance and alerts to those missing hard hats and safety vests. As mentioned, deadly accidents are one of the worst things that can happen at construction sites. By using the power of AI, AndroVideo cameras can detect falls and send out alarms, reducing response times and saving lives of construction workers. 

The contractor also appreciated that the camera is future proof and customizable. The camera can be customized for various environments, for example by using special finishes it can resist rust in maritime applications. Planned future features include electronic fence which detects when personnel are getting too close to dangerous areas. It can be set to warn workers when they are approaching dangerous areas that requires a hard hat or areas where they should pay special attention to their surroundings. Electronic fence for cars will scan license plates, thereby preventing unauthorized vehicles from access to the construction site.


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