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Apartment building security 


Facial Recognition IP Camera


  • Convert to a keyless entry system using facial recognition technology
  • Reduce software and management costs
  • Prevent unauthorized access and improve residential safety


  • Androvideo’s system monitors visitors entering and exiting the building in real-time
  • Integrated system checks database to identify residents and visitors


  • Prevent unauthorized access 
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve visitor management 
  • Provide a better living experience for residents


The rapid economic and business development in Taipei has led to an increased demand for large-scale apartment buildings and condos. These modern living spaces must provide both a high quality of life and a safe living experience for residents. Managing security and preventing unauthorized access can be challenging in high-traffic buildings, where many people enter and exit the building each day. 



Like most residential developers in Taipei, the Harukaze Group uses key fob entry systems in their apartment buildings. Residents scan their key fob to enter and exit the building, operate the elevator, and access recreational areas such as the gym. 

This presents numerous challenges for both residents and management. For residents, they must remember to carry the key fob with them at all times. Also, having to continuously search for the key fob is time-consuming and inconvenient. 

For management, key fob systems come with additional software and management costs. For example, the software must be installed and periodically updated for the system to remain effective. 

Key fobs are also difficult to track and can easily become lost or stolen. Nonresidents with a key fob can gain access to the building, making it difficult for staff to stop security threats. Because the person using the key fob is not registered within the system, there is no way to identify who is actually entering the building. 



The management at Harukaze Group chose to install Androvideo’s facial recognition system in their latest development project. 

By combining Androvideo’s Facial Recognition IP Cameras with the building’s existing access control, elevator control, and building management system, they were able to set up a fully-integrated security system

Residents and visitors simply enter their profile information at the front desk. Once registered, Androvideo’s cameras will automatically identify them as they enter and exit the building. 

Additional security features include allowing visitor access to expire after a period of time and a photo record of each person who enters and exits the building. In case of an incident, the record can be reviewed to identify the intruder. 



Androvideo’s facial recognition technology provided a streamlined and effective security solution. The easy setup process allowed the security system to be up and running quickly. 

The highly-accurate facial recognition cameras quickly identify residents and visitors, allowing them to move freely without the use of key fobs. The cameras also instantly alert staff of unauthorized visitors, greatly reducing response times. 

By no longer having to manage key fobs, Harukaze was able to reduce its staff, equipment, and software costs. Androvideo’s recording system can also be used to resolve disputes within the community. In the case of a dispute, the camera footage can be reviewed for evidence. Overall, the new system provided improved security and better living experience for residents. 

Planned updates that will further enhance Androvideo’s system include 

  • Alerting staff of VIPs to allow for customized service and improved visitor experience 
  • A blacklist warning system that alerts staff when banned individuals are trying to enter the building 
  • Customizable privacy settings that can be adjusted based on the privacy needs of each community.
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