Unmanned convenience stores for the workplace


  • Facial Recognition IP Dome
  • Virtual Reality IP Camera


  • Provide an unmanned convenience store for employees
  • Create an accurate and efficient checkout system
  • Reduce operating costs


  • Facial recognition system that tracks employees entering and exiting the store
  • Simple checkout process requires only an employee card and POS system
  • Low-cost and easy to install system


  • Decrease in staff costs
  • Successfully prevented outsiders from entering the store
  • Better inventory monitoring and reduction in inventory stockout
  • Improved data analysis and increase in customer satisfaction


Introducing unmanned convenience stores to the workplace provides numerous benefits for businesses and employees. They give employees easy access to a variety of fresh foods and drinks without having to leave the office. This leads to higher employee productivity and increased revenue for the business.



To compete with traditional convenience stores, unmanned stores must make the entire shopping experience better for customers.

One of the most important parts of a fully automated convenience store is a fast and efficient checkout system. Customers must be able to quickly enter and exit the store as well as pay for their goods. Many automated stores require users to scan a code on their smartphone via a downloaded app. This added step and  interrupts the customer experience.

Automated stores also have downsides for business owners as well. The main problems that are holding the new solution are customers changing their mind and misplacing or stealing product.

In addition, monitoring stock levels and product sales require hiring staff which reduce cost benefits, making the store unmanned only at the front desk.

Our client faced all those challenges while creating a store for its employees.



The AndroVideo facial recognition camera automatically tracks customers as they enter and exit the store. This prevents unauthorized access and eliminates the need for scanning in and out of the store.

For a seamless transaction, simply register the amployee card into the POS system. Then, in order to check out, customers first scan their enokitee card then simply scan their products. 

Typically, facial recognition systems require multiple IP cameras as well as hardware such as servers to operate, AndroVideo’s system uses just 1 AI camera and 1 VR camera to monitor the entire store. The low-cost and easy to install system helps businesses save time and money.




By installing an unmanned convenience store, our client has significantly reduced staff cost. Thanks to AndroVideo the high barrier of entry typically associated with facial recognition systems (i.e., multiple cameras and servers) were also reduced.

The facial recognition system tracks employees as they enter the store successfully preventing unauthorized access, increasing security, and eliminating theft.

AndroVideo’s VR camera also allows store managers to better monitor stock levels and prevent inventory stockout. This further reduces the cost of the workforce.

Our camera also makes analyzing buyer behavior easier, which leads to a more customized buying experience and better customer satisfaction.

Finally, the flexibility of AndroVideo’s system allows for future updates to be installed, which will further improve the performance and security of the system.

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