Hardware Utilization


Cost Effective

-Consumer grade hardware

Utilize Computing Power

-Capable to run on limited computing power

Competitive Expertise

-Optimize optical, mechanical && EE integration

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Weight Pruning

-Eliminate unnecessary values in the weight tensor

Model Quantization

-Reduced floating point numbers to increase the speed model

Layer combination and transformation

-Conducive model structure

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Software Optimization


Low Latency

-Real-time detect & response

Maximize Performance

-System Level Tuning

Application Service Transparency

-Adaptive Landing

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AndroVideo is an A.I. camera company with an integration of software and hardware and strives to develop simple yet effective products. 

We integrate high-end operation ability SoC with the high-definition lens in hardware and take advantages of SoC and develop artificial intelligence in software. 

Our products are applicable to buildings, hotels, bus stations, metro stations, offices, schools, factories, banks, homes, etc.

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