We believe, the camera with eyes should have its memory to record various faces. 

We believe, the camera with memory should have its brain to run process in different scenes.

We believe, the camera with brain should have its wisdom to solve various problems.


And those we believed have become true in step by step.

About Us

The scenes in AI which is composed of software, hardware, algorithm and database.

Androvideo company provides the strong computing hardware in every scene to add value on industry, also make smart AI turn into reality- which is the key difference between others and us.

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Let’s make the camera smarter!

If you’re willing to make a safer future and having talents with an adventurous mind, welcome to join us to create products of the next generation together and to build a better world. We are looking for you!

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AndroVideo is an A.I. camera company with an integration of software and hardware and strives to develop simple yet effective products. 

We integrate high-end operation ability SoC with the high-definition lens in hardware and take advantages of SoC and develop artificial intelligence in software. 

Our products are applicable to buildings, hotels, bus stations, metro stations, offices, schools, factories, banks, homes, etc.

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